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Kel's Kravings

Kraving of the Month! Glazed Orange Cinnamon Rolls

Kraving of the Month! Glazed Orange Cinnamon Rolls

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Dive into the zest of summer with Kel's Kravings' June Kraving of the Month – Glazed Orange Cinnamon Rolls! Imagine the perfect marriage of sun-kissed oranges and classic cinnamon rolls, topped with a luscious orange glaze that captures the essence of sunshine in every bite.

These rolls are not just a treat; they're a tropical escape wrapped in a swirl. Picture the bright, citrusy aroma of fresh oranges blending seamlessly with the warm, comforting scent of cinnamon. It's like a summer vacation for your taste buds!

Our signature orange glaze adds a burst of sweet citrus magic, creating a refreshing and indulgent experience that's perfect for those warm spring and summer days.

Whether you're celebrating a sunny morning, hosting a backyard brunch, or simply craving a taste of sunshine, these Glazed Orange Cinnamon Rolls are your ticket to a citrusy paradise.

Here's the scoop: they're available ONLY this month! Don't miss out on this zesty perfection. Order now for pickup or delivery and let the Glazed Orange Cinnamon Rolls from Kel's Kravings bring a slice of summer joy to your June. Limited time only, so seize the citrusy delight!

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